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When they were first founded, most social media networks were a place where people could meet each other, from all around the world, chat, and share their interests.

Nowadays, social media networks are much more. Because of the rising popularity of social media marketing, they evolved into some of the most important platforms to conduct business.

These days, you can see a lot of companies advertising their products and services, and trying to get as many customers as possible from social media.

But, the competition is huge, since basically everyone is doing it. To help you be on the top, we offer social media management service to you.

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A Definition of Social Media Management

Before we move on to describe what social media services we offer, let’s see what is social media management, and why it is so important for every business.

Social media management is a process of creating, implementing, and controlling the social media marketing strategy.

It is fully correlated to all other different elements that are important for the entire digital marketing strategy, which has a task to spread awareness of your brand and attract more customers to your products and services.

Why Is Social Media Management Important?

Now, let’s see why social media management is crucial for the digital marketing strategy, and why everyone is doing it.

  • Social media management helps you create a unified brand – there are more and more social media networks, and on each of them, there are different ways to advertise your products and services. However, there should be a consistent part of the promotional message, so your products and services could be recognized on every social media platform.
  • It helps you attract more customers online – with a successful social media strategy, your customer base will slowly rise, alongside your brand awareness.
  • Managing social media is an important part of SEO – as two ways of spreading brand awareness, SEO and social media management are linked together, since both of them are trying to achieve the same things: to make you seen online, in order to get more potential customers, and increase sales.
  • You can get metrics about social media marketing campaign – every social media offers a range of tools to help you track important data. From these metrics, you can easily learn more about what your consumers like, what products and services you offer are the most popular, and thus decide how to pursue further development.

What Do We Offer?

In our social media management service package, we offer the management of the two largest social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Apart from that we also offer to manage your LinkedIn business page.

Facebook Management

  • Setting clear goals for Facebook marketing strategy, such as increasing brand awareness, community engagement, and sales
  • Finding the right target audience
  • High-engagement activities with the customers
  • Managing Facebook posts
  • Creating a clear Facebook content schedule
  • Setting and controlling Facebook ads
  • Analyzing metrics

Instagram Management

  • Setting up Instagram Business profile
  • Creating promoted Instagram posts
  • Acquiring more followers
  • Spreading the brand awareness
  • Engaging with followers
  • Managing tags to boost visibility
  • Linking Instagram page to your website and other social media

LinkedIn Management

  • Updating your business profile: setting up better banner, photo, description, and personal business details, such as the country where the business is set, address, industry, etc.
  • Creating showcase pages
  • Making a career page
  • Collecting endorsements and finding connections
  • Tracking what your competitors are doing.

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