SMS Marketing

SMS marketing (bulk marketing) is ideal for fast dialogues with clients, information on promotions and actions, as well as on various other events. If you want to transfer information to a large number of users in a quick and easy way, then the SMS marketing is great choice for you!

Why SMS marketing?

Unlike SMS, e-mails are often read too late, which makes clients to realize that a promotion, that may have been interesting to them, is passed. With SMS marketing, the chances that something like that happens are minimal.

You can use SMS messages to congratulate a birthday to your clients or partners. This creates a certain degree of loyalty to your company, as users love when companies treat them that way.

Our services within SMS (bulk) marketing:

  • Automated messaging program
  • Access to the platform for sending messages and editing a database of phone numbers
  • Sending thousands of messages at a time, with one click

By using our platform, you can send thousands of SMS in one minute, with your company’s signature.

Please feel free to contact us for any information on prices and other issues.