SEO San Francisco

Having a private business in a large city, such as San Francisco, is always challenging because there are already established companies.

This makes everything harder for smaller and new companies, which need to fight their way up and beat the competition in order to be competitive.

One of the best ways to do that nowadays is through the SEO process, which stands for search engine optimization.

Let’s talk about what search engine optimization is, why everyone in San Francisco should do it, and what are the main responsibilities of SEO companies in San Francisco.

Search Engine Optimization – What Is It

Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a set of activities used to improve the website’s search rankings in the search engines, such as Google and Bing.

This ensures that your content is seen, which helps to build up the reputation, getting more customers, and fighting the competition.

Why Every Company in San Francisco Should Do SEO

SEO has immense importance in every-day business in San Francisco, as well as in most other places, so let’s see why that is the case.

1. SEO Boosts Website Traffic

First and foremost, the main task of SEO is to bring more traffic to your website. If done properly, you should see the influx of more people.

What that means is that there will be more people you can transform into potential customers, and offer them your products and services.

2. SEO Is Cost-Efficient

What makes SEO great for everyone, including newly-established and smaller companies, is the fact that it is very cheap to be done.

Another solution is to pay for very expensive online advertisements, which will bring you above the first non-advertised search results.

However, these ads are not infinite. In fact, they usually last a short period of time, after which, you need to pay again to remain in the same position.

SEO is a process that lasts a long, long time. It only needs to be updated from time to time, but apart from that, its effects are almost infinite.

3. Your Credibility Will Grow

In order for your content to be seen as trustworthy, it has to be placed amongst the top-rated search results, which are usually on the first and second pages.

Being placed on these positions will increase the visibility, credibility, and the overall traffic on your website since more people will believe that your content can be trusted.

4. It’s one of the Crucial Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy

Most efficient marketing activities are done online, which is what makes digital marketing so important nowadays.

Therefore, every digital marketing strategy simply must include SEO, in order to maximize the effectiveness of other activities and make your brand as visible as possible.

5. Useful for Mobile Optimization

Due to the popularity of smartphones nowadays, mobile optimization has become one of the crucial activities of SEO.

Most searches are done through mobile phones, and since you can see fewer search results on some smartphones, it is even more important to be ranked on the higher position.

6. Raises the Value of Your Business

With the increased number of website visitors, the number of potential customers of your products and services should also go up.

Following that, your sales will rise, since more people will want to buy what your offer, which means that your profits and general business value will also increase.

7. Can Be Used as a Mean to Fight Large Competitors

As we’ve already mentioned, it is very hard for new and small companies to establish their brands, and compete with business giants in San Francisco.

Since SEO is cheap and easy to do, it gives them an opportunity to have an equal fight with the market leaders.

What SEO Services Are Available in San Francisco

Now, let’s discuss are the main tasks of all SEO companies in San Francisco. In other words, let’s see what you can expect if you decide to hire us to do search engine optimization for you.

1. Conducting Keyword Research

Different keywords have different search volumes, so it is quite important to find the right keywords before you write content.

Including keywords with the high search, the volume will boost your content and increase its visibility, since more people will look for certain words.

2. Optimizing Website Performance

Having good keywords, and interesting content are not the only thing SEO experts need to do, in order to boost your website to the front pages.

They also need to optimize the performance of your website, since Google, as well as other search engines, tend to analyze several technical factors concerning the website, such as speed, and how well it responds to actions.

3. Control and Updates

Apart from simply implementing the SEO process, experts need to constantly monitor and control the entire process, in order for everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes, information on the website may get old, which is why SEO experts need to update obsolete information and keep the content fresh.

4. Link Management

Another good way to improve your search rankings is to find and use trustworthy links, from popular websites that have a decent reputation.

This includes conducting proper offsite optimization, such as writing guest posts, in order to get access to these relevant links.

5. Content Management

Apart from links, SEO experts also need to create great content, which can show relevant information, and be interesting at the same time.

Checking grammar is quite important as well since posts with bad grammar are often tagged as bad and not trusted.

6. Designing and Implementing Marketing Strategy

All of the previous activities are just individual parts of the grand plan, which is, of course, to create a valid SEO strategy that is good enough to be implemented in the overall marketing strategy.

Everything needs to fit well together, before this implementation is done, in order for your business to thrive.


There you go, people!

You understand what are the basics of the SEO process, why it is important to do SEO in San Francisco, and what are the main activities of SEO companies there.

If you would like to know more about our services or hire us, don’t hesitate to check our portfolio, and contact us.