SEO Madrid

Being the capital of Spain, it is expected that Madrid is home to quite a large number of companies and individual businesses.

More precisely, the data shows that there are 516,412 companies in Madrid, which is a total of 16% of all companies in Spain.

In this kind of business environment, it is quite important to be seen on the internet, since it is one of the main markets nowadays, wherever you are physically located.

Therefore, today, we are going to talk about the importance of SEO in Madrid, and check out the most relevant SEO activities in Madrid, which our agency can offer you.

Why Everyone Is Doing SEO Nowadays

Before we cover some of the most important SEO activities, let’s see why there is an SEO-hype in the entire business community, and talk about some of the most common advantages the search engine optimization process has to offer.

1. SEO Is Essential Part of Modern Marketing

Nowadays, crucial marketing activities are usually done over the internet, with the introduction of digital marketing, and its rise to power.

One of the very important parts of digital marketing strategy is, of course, search engine optimization because it helps the companies find their right target audience, and make products and services be visible to all those people.

2. SEO Positively Affects Your Credibility Rating

One of the most important things in business is not just to gain profit, but to gain credibility, so your customers would respect you more.

When you gain their respect, they will be more inclined to buy your future products and services without too much, or even any, hesitation.

SEO can help you with that, by placing you in the group of the top search results on search engines, which makes you more visible, as well as tells viewers that your website is trustworthy since most sites in the first two pages of the search results are usually those with the highest credibility.

3. SEO Boosts Your Website Traffic

One of the most common benefits of search engine optimization is that it will most certainly increase the number of people who view your website.

In other words, your website traffic will increase, which means that more people will be able to see what types of services and products you offer.

Some of those people will probably become your potential customers, which is very useful for the expansion of the business.

4. SEO Is More Cost-Efficient than Regular Advertisements

Apart from just doing SEO, there are other ways to boost your position in the search results. For example, paid advertisements are one of those ways.

Well-established companies usually pay some amount of money so their pages would be shown on the top of the results page, which can be recognized because of the ‘Ad’ label before the link.

However, these ads don’t last long, and they are quite expensive, compared to SEO, which lasts much longer and it’s a relatively cheaper method of promoting your products and services.

5. SEO Will Bring You Profit

With the increase in website traffic, your sales will probably rise as well because a lot more people will visit the website, check out your products and services, and eventually decide to buy them.

And when your sales are up, revenues and profit will most likely follow, so your overall business performance will improve.

6. SEO Is Quite Important for Smartphone Optimization

Smartphones are present in every aspect of our lives nowadays, and we could hardly imagine the world without them.

More than half of all internet searches are done via smartphones, which just shines even more light on the fact that they are so important.

One trick with smartphones though, is that they have smaller screens, so they usually show fewer search results.

Because of this, SEO is even more important when it comes to smartphone optimization since you will need to be ranked higher in the search results, in order to be seen.

7. SEO Boosts the Growth of Smaller Companies

Madrid is a large city with a lot of competitive firms. This makes it harder for smaller companies to fight their way to the top.

Business giants are usually well-established, and they have a lot of money at their disposal, meaning that they can buy more ammo to fight their competitors.

Small firms, on the other hand, are not that lucky, so they have to rely on everything they can get a hand on.

And one of those weapons is SEO, since it is quite cheap, compared to other methods, which means that everyone can do it, even individual entrepreneurs.

What Are Main Responsibilities of SEO Agencies in Madrid

Now that you know why SEO is important, let’s see what SEO agencies, as well as us from Digital Media, can do for your business in Madrid.

1. Doing a Search for Relevant Keywords

In order to boost up your website’s visibility, SEO agencies first need to find words that are often used in the search for the topics relevant to your main topic.

That way, they are able to optimize the content on your website, allowing Google and other search engines to increase your search volume, and eventually rank you higher.

2. Offsite Optimization

If you have great content on your website, that is excellent. But, there is more to ranking except for just keywords and quality of the content.

This is where offsite optimization jumps in. The main goal of offsite optimization is to optimize the content that is coming to your website from external sources, which is in other words link management.

Having links to and from the trusted and relevant websites is very important for search engine ranking because Google will mark your website as unsafe if it is not the case.

3. Onsite Optimization

Apart from offsite, there is also onsite optimization, which includes optimizing your content to be of the highest possible quality, in order to be more appealing and informative to the target audience.

This will also affect how well you are placed in the search results, which is why we are doing it very carefully and in a professional manner.

4. Constant Monitoring of Activities

In order for everything to run without interruptions and as efficient as possible, we from Digital Media use a wide range of tools to monitor all SEO activities.

So, if there’s any type of problem, we can easily fix it and let the process continue to run its course without constant setbacks.

5. Creating and Implementation of Marketing Plan

Before conducting SEO, agencies need to have a clear set of marketing goals and create a valid marketing plan, that will be the most effective for your business.

Then, according to this strategy, everything else is planned, so all the pieces would fit together in the final phase.


That’s all folks!

We went over the basics of SEO, and the most important reasons to do SEO in Madrid, as well as any other city that is as big as Madrid, where there are a lot of competitors.

If you are interested to know more about who we are and what we do, don’t hesitate to check our services, and contact us.