Technical SEO: Onsite Audits

Every good SEO expert knows that website performance is one of the most important factors for search engine rankings.

However, not everyone is an expert, so not everyone knows how to optimize the website, in order to have stable performance.

That’s why we in Digital Media, offer these services. Let’s see what onsite audit in technical SEO is, and what our onside audits service includes.

Basics of Technical Onsite Audit

A technical onsite audit is tasked with checking the performance of your website, with the goal to prevent spams, as well as to work on the entire technical optimization.

These audits are very important because as time moves on, the search engine algorithm evolves. And in computer science, whenever there is a new version of something, new problems arise and need to be addressed and polished.

A technical onsite audit is also very important for the SEO process since it lets you analyze all SEO activities, find potential issues, and fix them on time.

What Do Onsite Audits Include

Onsite SEO audits consist of three main parts:

  • Front-end analysis – which includes activities such as the analysis of the keywords, content, as well as metadata.
  • Back-end analysis – the analysis of indexing, as well as how good your hosting is.
  • Analyzing links and backlinks – checking whether there are broken links, as well as the quality of the links.

Our Onsite Audit service

What do we offer in our Onsite Audits service package?

  • Handling different issues, such as cloaking, website redirects, problems with JavaScript, and duplicate content
  • Dealing with the redirects
  • W3C validation
  • Fixing slow page load
  • Handling broken links and messy URLs
  • Removing spam generated by users and backlinks
  • Smartphone optimization

If you are interested in what we have to offer, check our services, and contact us with any questions you might have.