Removal of Negative Pages from Google

Sometimes your website content might not do so well on Google search for various different reasons, such as broken links, bad overall performance, or even not so good keywords.

These negative pages could cause some trouble for your future ranking, so it is recommended to deal with it before that happens.

Lucky for you, we can help you with that by offering you our service for removing the negative pages from Google.

Let’s talk about what negative pages are, how they can affect your website, and what we can do to help you get rid of them.

What are Negative Pages

Negative pages are pages on your website that generate negative search results. Those pages usually have either false or obsolete information, which is why Google tags them as negative and ranks them lower in the search results.

This can be very bad for your business since you can lose trust and credibility you’ve earned over the past time because people will try to avoid your website, which means that the number of visitors will decline and with it your sales.

To avoid this from happening, people often hire experts to deal with the potential issues and ensure that the business keeps flowing without interruptions.

Is Using Negative SEO Good for Managing your Reputation

Negative SEO is one of the not so honorable methods experts can use to deal with the competition, and diminish their search result rankings.

This includes activities such as website hacking, using a lot of spam links, and copying the content. Apart from that, there is also a use of keywords that are flagged as inappropriate, as well as using fake profiles to post negative reviews.

In the past, this strategy was used very much, but over time Google evolved, and now it can recognize some of the signs of a negative SEO, which is why this method is no longer that effective as before.

Because of that, it is not really recommended to do negative SEO too much nowadays. Instead, you should focus on other SEO activities to boost your website’s visibility.

How to Handle Negative Pages

Now that you know what are negative pages, and how they can affect your business process, let’s see how we are able to help you deal with this problem.

There are various ways you can use to remove negative pages from Google, so let’s mention some of them here:

  • Direct removal from Google
  • Negotiations
  • Using legal channels
  • Paying for removal of negative pages
  • Making negative content to be even weaker
  • Optimizing older high-quality content

Google Content Police

Nowadays, Google can recognize some of the negative SEO tactics, so it is much harder to discredit competitors’ content.

In order for Google to remove certain pages, there are several requirements that need to be met, and regulations to be followed.

First of all, we have inappropriate content, such as pornography, nudes, and other content which might be considered as such.

Of course, Google won’t just believe your every word, since all of this must be proven, otherwise, no action will be taken.

Apart from that, Google tends to remove certain information, such as ID numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, as well as private medical records.

Next to that, Google also takes care of doxing, which s a method which includes hacking and acquiring certain very private information, as well as publishing it.

Last, but not least, Google usually removes pages that are tagged as content that violated copyrights, or in other words DMCA violation.

Direct action

One better way to solve the problem of the negative page is to negotiate with the website owners directly and ask them to remove the page.

If we are talking about your own website, then it is a bit trickier, since you cannot negotiate with yourself.

What you can do is one of several things:

  • Remove the negative pages which are causing the problems.
  • Update your website’s address with the ‘NOINDEX’ tag, which will basically instruct the search engines to ignore certain pages.
  • Reduce content quality, by removing important links and keywords, adding spammy links, and similar.

Apart from that, there is one additional option, which is to hire a professional hacker to do the dirty work for you.

However, this is a very risky tactic, since these so-called experts can steal your information in the process, which can lead to even bigger problems in the future.

Completely removing negative pages can be quite tricky, which is why it is more common to suppress negative content instead.

To do that, first, we need to review the content you have and analyze it, in order to identify parts that might be wrong.

Once we’ve done that, then we can start making a plan about what can be done to improve the existing content, such as better links, appropriate keywords, text structure, etc.

When we have all the details, it is time to get to work and create new content or optimize the old one, by using credible statistics and trusted links, as well as keywords with high search volume.

However, since this is the age of the internet, it is not enough simply to write a lot of content. In order for people to see it, content must also be promoted.

Whether you have an established brand, or you want to fight your way up the ladder, we can help you with that.

We offer services such as creating advertising matchboxes, conducting search engine optimization, as well as other marketing activities that you might need.

Our Removal of Negative Pages from Google Service

We also offer to remove pages with negative comments and reviews about your company or products from the internet.

These pages don’t have to be on your own website, but anywhere on the internet. This includes the removal of articles, reviews, and comments from other websites, which are hurting your reputation.

This is perfect for VIPs, public figures, and successful businessmen, who want to keep their reputation clean and their search rankings high.

We do this by using different strategies, some of which we had already mentioned above, such as negative SEO, negotiation with the website owners, and similar.


Now you know how can we help you with the negative search results issues. If you are interested in our services, or if you might have some additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we are going to clarify everything for you.