OpenCart Web Design

Creating a high-quality online shop for your e-commerce business can be a pain, especially if you are not experienced in web development. We have a solution for you. Amongst our wide range of services, we offer our clients to design their internet shops with OpenCart.

Everything on the website can be set the way our clients want it, from top to bottom, while respecting the basic functionality OpenCart offers.

What Is OpenCart

OpenCart is one of the most popular open-source platforms for creating a highly-responsive and well-organized online shop.

The software is completely free to use, without any hidden charges, and pricing plans. There are various options to help you create and grow your e-commerce business, such as different extensions, as well as the option to use and make vivid OpenCart themes.

OpenCart installation can be quite tricky, which is why we offer a complete OpenCart service, alongside the setup of the platform.

About Redesigning a Website

Apart from creating a website with OpenCart from scratch, we also provide services for redesigning your existing website.

What website redesign exactly is?

It covers activities such as rework of the entire code, in order to make it look better, and more appealing to the customers.

Imagine your website being a house, which makes us renovators. We can completely remove parts that were wrong, and add new, and interesting improvements, in order to improve the functionality and looks of your online shop.

That includes the following activities:

  • Mobile optimization
  • UX design
  • Linking your website with social media
  • Updating products and services
  • Taking care of the servers
  • Marketing and branding campaigns
  • Rework of the template
  • SSL certification
  • Adopting new technology
  • Customer targeting

Refreshing Your Website

Along with that, we offer services for the website refresh. It is not a complete redesign, but a process of making smaller changes.

As for the website refresh service, we offer several things:

  • Editing logo
  • Updating content to the newer version
  • Adding completely new content
  • Setting up social media connections
  • Conducting SEO
  • UX design
  • Adding new extensions
  • Template changes

Reasons for Redesigning Your Website

Why would you even consider redesigning a website? There are several different reasons that make people want to make changes to their sites.


  • Better brand presentation – to improve your sales, you might need to improve the way your brand is presented to the customers.
  • Outdated design – website designs become outdated over time, so an occasional design update is recommended.
  • Performance improvement – your website performance is very important for ranking higher in the search engine’s results.
  • Mobile optimization – mobile internet is the future, more people use their smartphone for internet search than laptop or PC, so it’s crucial to update your website and optimize it for mobile use.
  • Updating product information – products grown and change over time, and so should your website content.
  • SEO optimization – in order to be ranked higher in searches, proper SEO is required.
  • Implementation of content marketing strategy – creating a content marketing strategy might boost your website traffic, and build trust between yourself and your customers.
  • Technology improvement – using outdated tech, such as flash, might cause search engines to rank you lower than your competitors.
  • Security improvement – to protect yourself from the hack attacks, it’s a good idea to improve security measures for your website.
  • Choosing proper CTA – selecting where to put a call to action is important for transforming visitors into leads.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve always thought that achievements are the best advertisement. Therefore, check out our portfolio, and see why you should hire us.

If you have any other questions, or you would simply like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.