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Social media Advertising

What the internet differs from all other media is that it is only one which conducts two-way communication, that is, it is only one which has the mechanism for collecting feedback. For this reason, advertising on Instagram and Facebook is a great advantage over other media.

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are the ideal place for your advertising, as users can quickly and easily obtain information about your product or service, but also leave feedback, which allows you to gain a better insight into customer preferences.

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Advertising on Facebook

The content that is planned for creating a campaign on social networks must be carefully selected so as not to have a counter effect, or be negatively accepted by the target group to which the advertiser is presenting itself. Also, it is very important to select the target group, in order to achieve the maximum effect and reduce the cost of the campaign.

Our team of experts is characterized by creativity and knowledge of the thinking of potential client, which plays a key role in Facebook marketing. Attractive Facebook page is more popular among users and thus increases the chance that someone will see your ad. In the hands of experienced experts, it will become just like that.

The promotion on Facebook includes:

  • Creating viral content (posters, promo photos, flyers…)
  • Full page design (cover photo, logo design…)
  • Daily posts on the page
  • Linking to a site (if any)
  • Interaction with visitors
  • Targeting an ideal target group
  • Promote (sponsor) content and page itself to the target group of clients.

When all of this is taken into account, with the appearance on this social network you will get an excellent place to showcase your products and services which will be seen by large number of users, which increasing your chances of making a profit. Also, by advertising on Facebook, you will save money that you would otherwise spend on making flyers or advertising on local radio or television.

Advertising on Instagram

Did you ever think that you can use photos or short videos to expand your work?

One of the social networks that can serve you for that is Instagram. Instagram is a fun and interesting network that has monthly visits of more than 180 million users and where over a billion photos are liked every day.

Many people visit Instagram to get inspiration by looking at creative photos. It is this segment that allows companies to connect with their customers at a friendly level. For creative photos, you need creative people, professionals in its business, and that’s why we are here.

Advertising on Instagram includes:

  • Creating content – Graphic design
  • Connecting to Facebook
  • Linking to a site (if any)
  • Planning and running the campaign

The fact is that by advertising on Instagram not only that you promote your products and services, but also the human side of your business, i.e. people who make that everything looks the way it looks. Every photo posted on Instagram has its story, and we will make sure that it reaches to the target audience and leaves a positive impression.

Please feel free to contact us for any information on prices and other issues.