Everything to Know About Content Writing

In the age of the internet, there are millions of websites for everything you can imagine, from news blogs to official companies’ websites.

One thing all those websites have in common is that they all need content. And not just any content, but the high-quality content, that will help them be pushed to the front pages in search engines.

Therefore, content writing has become a very popular profession nowadays. However, in order to become one of the best, and join the ranks of the top 5% of content writers, you should know several important things.

Today, we’re going to talk about what are some important aspects of content writing, and how you can become a successful content writer.

Why Is Content Writing Useful

In order to keep the audience entertained, website owners need to have interesting content. Better content will generate higher website traffic.

And when you have constant website traffic, you get a chance to recruit more potential customers. With more customers, your sales will also go up, and along with them, your profit as well.

Content is also useful when it comes to advertising your products and services. A good content writer can write dashing product descriptions and reviews, which will have a positive effect on your brand.

Apart from that, there are many other aspects of business and marketing where content writing is quite important, such as social media business pages, and even writing the promo materials.

How to Become a Great Content Writer

Now that we know why content writing is important for businesses, let’s talk about some of the most important aspects of becoming a great content writer.

Even though there are a lot of content writers, only a small number of them manage to get on the top of the ladder and find themselves amongst the best content writers in the world.

Let’s see what is their secret, and how did they manage to do it.

1. Constantly Learn New Stuff

If you want to become a successful content writer, you need to know a lot of things from different areas of expertise.

Of course, you can specialize in one field, but if you are just a beginner, you should explore as many fields as you can, and try to find out which one seems the most suitable for you.

Also, things change over time, so, in order to be able to write up to date content, you need to constantly monitor news and updates related to your topic.

One of the most important things in content writing is to always write the latest information. For instance, if you are writing about why you should invest in SEO, you need to do proper research and find out what strategies really are the best, and provide proper statistics to prove it.

2. Figure Out Your Favorite Writing Style

Content writing is not just about using good grammar and writing everything that comes to your mind. There is much more to that.

Perhaps you want to write product reviews, or perhaps content for website pages. Or perhaps even longer articles, such as guides, for instance.

All these types of texts need to be written in a different manner. Therefore, you need to adjust the writing style for each of these.

By trying out to use different styles of writing, you will find the one that suits you the most, which will make it easier for you to find preferred types of clients.

3. Don’t Wander Off the Topic

Some content writers tend to promise larger articles about certain topics, but then when they have to write them, they mix important and unimportant information.

What this actually means is that they often go off-topic, which can be counterproductive because readers usually just want to read about topics they came for.

Some readers might just close the article, or rate it bad in the comments because of that, which means that your reputation could decline.

To avoid that, you should stick to the point, and only talk about the topic you’re writing about. If you think it is too short, then try to find other ways to make it bigger.

For example, almost everything you’re writing about will have the potential to create one or more subtopics. You can write something about these subtopics, in short, to provide more information about your main topic.

4. Creativity Is the Key to Success

One of the most important things in content writing is to be creative. Most topics you’re going to write already exist somewhere on the internet.

Even though it makes your life a bit easier, it can also create problems with the uniqueness of your content.

No, you cannot simply copy-paste someone’s work. It doesn’t work like that. If you do that, you might be flagged by search engines.

In order to get ranked higher in the search results, you need to have unique content. Now, even though you write everything by yourself, it might happen that your articles are not completely original.

Therefore, you will need to be creative, and whenever there is a problem with the originality, you have to think of a way to solve it and rework sentences a bit.

5. Make a Great Title and Snippet Paragraph

In order to attract people to even read your articles, you need to write an interesting title, which doesn’t have to be sales, but attractive enough overall.

It’s not only important for people to find it appealing, but it is also one of the crucial factors for ranking you in the search engines.

Therefore, for titles, make sure to use the most important keywords related to the topic you want to talk about.

For example, if your goal is to offer SEO services in a specific city, then the title should be something like ‘SEO in New York’.

Apart from the killer title, for some articles, it is also important to write a killer snippet paragraph. Snippet paragraph is the first paragraph in your text, and usually, the one shown in the top position in the search engines.

This paragraph should include the most important things you are going to mention later in the text, with the use of critical keywords related to the topic.

Just like the title, snippet also helps when it comes to the search engine rankings, as well as it helps the readers, who don’t have the time to read the whole article, to answer the most important questions they might have about the topic.

6. Use Simple Language

When writing an article, there is usually no need to use too complex language, unless you are writing it for a scientific magazine or something like that.

However, usually, experts in those fields write scientific articles themselves. Therefore, the language you use in the article will largely depend on the topic in question.

What you should always keep in mind is to always use the language that is fitting to the topic and the type of audience.

For example, if you write about business topics, you can use more formal language, third-person narrative, etc. while using a more casual language when writing about every-day topics for the younger population.

7. Proper Grammar is Important

Another very important aspect of writing, in general, is to always use proper grammar. That way, your article will be more appealing and look more professional.

One of the best tools to help you with that is Grammarly. It can easily be installed and opened in Word, or even in your browser.

Note that you should always check your grammar during or after you finish typing the article, even if you’re writing in your mother language.

You would be surprised to see how many native English speakers make grammar mistakes because they are too proud to check if they did it correctly.

Sometimes, you can even meet foreigners who speak your language better than yourself, which is why you should never be so proud to check the grammar by using some software, especially when doing business.

8. Write a Memorable Conclusion

Once you’ve done with the article itself, it is time to end it in a blaze of glory, so to speak. Just like the title, introduction, and the main part of the article need to be interesting to read, so does the conclusion.

Don’t just write ‘Thanks for reading the article’. Instead, a good conclusion consists of three parts:

  • Short note – which tells the reader that you’re done with the main part of the article;
  • Recapitulation – where you mention everything you’ve discusses in the text;
  • Call to action – interaction with readers, and asking them to give feedback, or to comment if you have the comment section.

These three combined to make a great conclusion if you manage to do it right, which could help you make the readers return to your website in the future.

9. Ask for Feedback

As with everything in life, you will probably make mistakes in content writing as well. It’s just a part of the learning process since no one is born perfect.

In order to figure out what your writing mistakes are, you need to get some sort of feedback from your readers.

You can do that by checking out the comments, and see whether they liked the article or not, or if they asked certain questions you might have forgotten to answer in the article.

Also, if you’re writing content for clients, you can ask them if they are satisfied with the articles and texts, and what could be improved, in order to satisfy their needs.

10. Create a Valuable Content

In order to become one of the best content writers out there, you need to create valuable content. Let’s see what that actually means.

Valuable content is content that is capable of generating value to the business or your personal blog, depending on why you are writing in the first place.

It’s the content that will be seen on the internet, and be useful to the readers. To do that, you need to know what the audience needs.

What also helps is a proper SEO, where you can figure out all important aspects of the high-quality article, such as the relevant data and statistics, trustworthy information, and links from the trusted sources.

All this will not just rank your article higher in the search results, but it will also make it look and feel much more genuine.


There you go, folks!

We hope you liked this article, where we talked about what is content writing, why it is useful in today’s environment, and how to become a great content writer.

Now you know the basics of content writing, which hopefully, should help you start your dream job as a content writer, or open your personal blog.