SEO Basel

With around 15 fortune 500 companies in the country and over 25,000 domestic and foreign multinational companies, Switzerland is one tough place, when it comes to the business competition.

This can make it very hard for new and smaller companies, or individual entrepreneurs to fight their way up the ladder, and become some of the strongest companies on the market.

That’s why it is important to select a sub-market, a city or place, and do a local SEO, amongst other SEO activities, to boost the website’s visibility, and allow a larger number of people to access your products and services.

Amongst our wide range of SEO services, Digital Media offers local SEO for Switzerland, including the city of Basel.

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of SEO is to increase the visibility of your website, by allowing you to be ranked higher in the search results.

If the overall SEO, as well as local SEO in Basel, is properly done, more people from the city will be able to notice you, which means that you will get more potential customers.

Reasons for Doing SEO in Basel

Local SEO is important for location-based companies, while it is not so useful to online businesses that are not tied to any specific location.

Therefore, if your business is located in Basel, it is a good idea to do SEO, and let’s see why that is the case:

  • It increases website traffic – the main goal of SEO is to increase the number of people visiting your website, and browsing your products and services, as well as putting you on map searches in Basel.
  • SEO builds trust between customer and company – with a better rank in the search results, potential customers will trust you more because it is no secret that the most trusted websites are amongst the first two to three pages.
  • It leads to reduced costs – SEO lasts much longer and is much cheaper than paid Google ads because its effects are spread over time. This leads to a decrease in costs.
  • It’s essential for optimizing searches on mobile devices – mobile optimization is crucial nowadays because over 50% of all searches are done via smartphones. And since they have smaller screens, fewer search results are shown per page, which makes it harder for you to be seen.
  • SEO helps smaller companies to fight against much larger competitors – due to being cheaper, search engine optimization is more accessible to newly-founded companies, which gives them a chance to fight their way up the ladder.
  • It is one of the most important marketing activities nowadays – because we live in an internet era, digital marketing is one of the most important marketing activities, and it cannot have good results, without a proper SEO.

What to Expect from Us

In order to put you amongst the top search results, Digital Media does a wide range of SEO, as well as local SEO activities, such as:

  • Conducting keyword research – to improve your site’s visibility, it is important to find keywords that are most related to the topic.
  • Managing links and backlinks – we will find trusted websites for using their links that consist of the most relevant information about your own topic.
  • Creating and using marketing strategy – we design a marketing strategy for you, and define clear goals, in order to have the endgame to focus on, while doing SEO.
  • Writing new and improving existing content – content management is an important part of SEO, which includes packing up keywords, links, and data while managing to create interesting content, that is able to keep people to come and stay.
  • Optimizing website performance – site performance is also quite important in SEO because sites that are slow and unresponsive are usually avoided, which decreases the traffic and reduces the number of potential customers.


If you have any questions regarding our SEO Basel service or any other services we offer, feel free to contact us and let us know.