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What Is SEO and Why Is It Important for All Companies?

Since this is the era of the internet, digital marketing is very important. And one of the most important parts of a modern marketing strategy is SEO.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what SEO is in general, why conducting SEO is important, and how to select the best SEO service .

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What is SEO?

Before we plunge into a specific reason why every firm in New York should invest their time and effort to perform a good SEO, let’s talk about what SEO actually is. Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a process that is used to improve your ranking in internet searches and give you higher traffic on your website.

Whenever you enter a word in Google search box, or in any other search engine, you will see the most relevant websites on the first page. Now, your text might contain useful content and top-notch data to support it, but it might still not be seen on the first or even later pages.

This is where SEO comes in. By using different SEO strategies, you can boost your website’s traffic, and make your content be seen. Without SEO, this simply wouldn’t be possible.

How does it actually work?

In order to deliver the best possible search results to their users, search engines tend to analyze different factors on the websites related to the given topic. That includes things like keywords, links, text structure, meaning how easy it is too read and understand, as well as factors such as the website’s loading time.

Websites with articles that have a good combination of everything listed are ranked amongst the top searches on every search engine.

The Importance of SEO

Now that you know what is the basic concept of SEO, let’s discuss why is SEO so important in today’s business model, especially in the large markets, such as New York City.

1. SEO is the Present and the Future of Modern Marketing

The business environment is highly dynamic nowadays. In the past, it was much easier to get in front of your competition. You would offer a higher-quality product, pay for advertisements, do a decent keywords research, and rank above your competitors in most searches.

However, it is way different these days. Most companies are aware of the importance internet has, so they are all trying to fight their way to be seen there. Therefore, without good SEO, you won’t be able to make your products and services be seen, where the competition is huge.

2. SEO is Essential Part of Every Marketing Strategy

The main goal of all marketing strategies is to show your potential and attract more customers, in order to grow your business. To be successful at doing that, you need to boost up your ranking in search engines. And there is no better way to do that than an excellent SEO strategy.

3. SEO Gives You More Visitors

In correlation with the previous point, a proper SEO strategy will improve your search ranking, and eventually land you on the first page. And when your website is there, more people will see it, meaning that your website traffic will increase, thus giving you more potential customers.

4. SEO Helps Improving Your Credibility

How many times have you been searching for something, and before clicking on one of the links after page 1 asked yourself whether the website is genuine or not? This is just how the human mind works. 99% of us would say that the most trusted sources are on the first couple of pages in google search, and we wouldn’t be completely wrong.

Because of that, it is important to find a way to improve your search ranking, since it will allow you to gain more credibility as well, thus increasing the number of people who’ll visit your website and potentially use your products and services.

5. Good SEO Will Save You Some Money

A lot of companies use paid advertisements to boost their services to rank higher in searches. This is a very effective strategy for the short term. However, if you’re playing the game in the long run, it’s better to invest your time and money into conducting SEO.

Why? Because SEO results stay forever. Yes, you might need to edit certain things from time to time, but once it is done properly, you’ll be set for good. What that means is there won’t be a need to pay for expensive ads anymore, so you will be able to focus on improving other aspects of your business.

6. SEO Can Boost Sales

Attracting more customers with SEO can also be very beneficial profit-wise since it can increase your sales over time. With more people reaching out to you, the number of visitors will continuously grow, meaning that you might get even more potential customers, which will, in turn, raise your profit margin and ROI.

7. SEO Raises the Value of Your Business

Related to credibility, most people think that the websites that are amongst the top-ranking results in the search engine are owned by the highest-valued businesses. If you manage to get your website in this position, your overall business value will increase, which could help you compete on the open market.

8. SEO Is David’s Weapon against Goliath

According to this report, there are over 220,000 businesses in New York City. About 98% of them are classified as small businesses, which is around 215,600 companies. Imagine being one of those companies and having over 200,000 competitors in just one city, not the whole state.

To be at the top of the ladder, you would need to either have a lot of money or innovative products and services. But, even with great ideas, you would need a way to promote them, which is not easy to do when you have thousands of competitors. This is where SEO can jump in and make a difference. Large firms have money, resources, and already established customer base. It’s up to the small companies to fight their way up, and find themselves on top of the food chain, or at least come close to it.

What’s great about SEO is that you don’t need to have tons of money to do it, which is great for small businesses. You could say that SEO is one of the things that could give small companies an advantage over already established business giants.

9. SEO Is Crucial for Smartphone Searches

Nowadays, the number of searches done from mobile devices is higher than those conducted from other devices, such as desktop PCs.

Therefore, it is a good idea to optimize your website for smartphones. Not just that, but you will need to perform even better SEO because mobile phones have a smaller display, the front page will show fewer results, depending on the type of the phone you are using.

10. SEO Is Being Done by Everyone

Last, but not least, you should do SEO because there isn’t a single serious company who is currently not doing it. If you want to have any chance of running a successful firm, you need to be competitive and be seen amongst all those competitors.

Without SEO, this is not possible. Remember how many companies there are in New York City, more than 220,000.

How to Select the Best SEO Service

Before you choose to hire some random SEO company, let’s talk about what is exactly what those companies do, in order to help you understand what sorts of services you can expect to get from them.

At the same time, this will help you find the best SEO company to look for, depending on your needs.

Developing Business Strategies

One of the most important jobs of all SEO Companies in New York is to help their clients to identify what are their business’ key activities. They are there to tell you what you should do and where, as well as what kind of customers you should look for.

Conducting Keyword Research

Once you develop a general strategy, it is time to get to work and do some research that would help you to perform a successful SEO. This includes finding keywords that are related to the topic of your blog, text, website, or business in general.

Apart from that, SEO companies try to find geographic keywords. These are important to help you get an advantage over competitors in your local area.

Optimizing Content

Even though keywords are a very important part of SEO, without high-quality content there isn’t so much they can do. Having the right combination of keywords, sources, and relevant data is what makes a good SEO strategy work.

Using Links

A great way to be ranked higher in search engines is to use hyperlinks that are relevant to the topic. Google and other search engines will scan these links and include them as one of the factors when ranking your website. SEO experts use several types of links, from relevant research data to internal links that lead to your other posts. However, if you are not an expert, you probably shouldn’t do this without doing some research on how it should be done. If you use links that are of low quality, search engines will notice that and punish you for using it, so your article might never even be ranked.

Performing Analytics

Lastly, in order for SEO companies to properly do their job, they need to conduct a thorough analysis of your entire website, which will give them information about the website traffic density, keywords you’re currently using, and more. All of this helps SEO experts understand the customers, thus allowing them to create a proper SEO strategy that will bring you success. When combined, all these activities make a good SEO. These are the most important factors you should consider when selecting the SEO company.


There you go, folks! Now you are aware of what SEO actually is, and why SEO is so important, if you want to run a successful company. Please feel free to contact us for any information about prices and other issues.
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